Monday, January 19, 2009

Rustic stars and the garden.

I finished binding this quilt today.  My Mum made it out of her stash, for something to do.  We might put it with our quilts for market.  I can't believe its five days since I blogged.  I've been busy, mainly trying to keep my garden alive.  Here are some pics before it gets totally frazzled by this hot weather.

Here is one of our nectarine trees.  The braches are almost touching the ground, they are loaded.  Mmmmm.

Looking across what used to be the bridge.  We filled in the channel so now it is just a pathway.

Budleja or butterfly bush.  These are great for Aussie gardens.  I've grown a lot from cuttings, they aget about 2 metres high after two years.  They have beautiful weeping flowers that can get up to about 20cms long.  I have purple, lilac, yellow and white.  This purple one growns the best out of all the colours.  They are great for attractling butterflies.

More of the yard.........while it is green!


  1. lovely quilt and enjoy your garden........

  2. you have a nice yard/garden. nectarine trees!! .. yummmy!
    I have a purple butterfly bush by our front window but recently had to do some major pruning.. it was out of control! no blooms right now though since it's winter here, so it was nice to see yours.

  3. Love the scrappy quilt & your garden looks Pretty Good considering the that Purple bush...

  4. Your garden looks great, especially compared to our yellow grass covering our back yard! The quilt is stunning!!