Thursday, January 1, 2009

PIF - looking for one more participant.

I'm looking for one more blogger to join my PIF.  I'm planning to start my gifts soon for two ladies. I'm happy to just make two but a third would be extra nice.  If you want to be my third recipient leave a comment on this post.
Here is a favourite photo from my archives.
I have photos of my current project in my camera but they won't load on to the computer for some reason.  Waiting for IT support (husband) to fix it.


  1. Have popped over from Myra's place to say Happy New Year to you especially - hope it is a good one!
    Big hugs - Lurline♥

  2. O h i have been reading through some of your older posts and i just love's soooo country and instantly the sights of tractors and dirt makes me feekl peaceful,i love the country!
    especially rusty old sheds

  3. WHAAAA....I WANT that BOOK you got for Christmas!!!!....(teary eyed and sniffing)

  4. What a great picture have a happy new year

  5. Great photo! Great quilt! Is that, no..., is that an outhouse behind it?
    Hmmmmmm.....? 8-)
    Hope you get your third PIF volunteer! 8-)