Sunday, January 4, 2009

Patisserie, three quilts in two days.......

I completed my Patisserie quilt top at midnight two nights ago.  Thrilled with how it turned out but I'm not showing it for a little while yet.  Here is a peek at part of it.

When I finished I had this collection of strips left over, all about seven inches long.  I decided there would be enough to make a matching dolls quilt so thats what I did today.

This is the finished quilt.  I thought I would try postage stamps.  These little squares are one inch square finished.  The whole quilt is 15 & 1/2 inch square.  I really love the colours.  

Then after I finished the dolls quilt I still had some teensy tiny bits over so I made a dolls house size quilt, five by seven inches.  I have a couple of miniscule pieces left.  Its been suggested I make a quilt for one of the Lego men.  I'll see how I go with that tomorrow.  So its three quilts in two days here, not a bad effort, not the biggest of quilts but still quilts.

My little helper (5yo) was helping me snip threads and press fabric.  He then wanted to do the ironing.  Never too young to teach them I suppose so I set him up with the ironing basket and iron on low heat.  He did a great job though I'm not sure if he has been watching me that closely.  He proceeded to iron each item, then turn them inside out to iron "the other side" then toss them back on the basket for me to fold.  He told me he was "ironing not folding".  Two separate jobs in his eyes.  


  1. Impressive work Julie! 3 quilts in 2 days, wow-wee! That fabric line is

  2. Wow three quilts. Love the colours.

  3. I'm impressed about your speed work:o) It looks great, all three of them! I really love the colors.
    Enjoy starting on an other project:o)

  4. i love the mini quilts and i love the photo in your header, the way it blurs around the edges and focuses on the quilt itself. i also am in love with the tiny dress in your profile photo. happy holidays!

  5. Oh, what I can see looks lovely!

    Little quilts are so cute love them..
    Julia ♥

  6. Those fabrics are just Gorgeous...your Quilt looks beautiful from what we can see...great way to use up the idea of your son ironing that is too cute.