Monday, January 5, 2009

Lego quilt - Hugh and Nicole's Australian adventure.

"Why Nicole, you are so clever, you mean you made this quilt yourself.  It will be great for our picnics in the park.  I've got a great idea, why don't we head out bush for a drive today".

So Nicole and Hugh hit the road.

Hugh gave Nicole a bit of a thrill, showing off his four wheel drive skills on a river crossing.  Nicole was worried the quilt might get wet.

Then through the dunes.  The flys were bad up there.

Finally they arrived at his favourite rocky lookout.  They had a picnic on the rock.

The drive home was a lot less adventurous.

Oh Hugh you are such a gentleman.

All tucked up for a good nights sleep after their big day.  I think I will end the photos there, my Mum reads my blog..........


  1. Well done - love the story - I have a grin on my face - Live happy ever after - THE END

  2. Rock on Julie! Nicole and Hugh are such a cute couple and the quilt is just right for them. LOL

    When's the next installment of their story?? LOL

  3. Very cute! Love the teeny tiny quilt.

  4. hello,

    that is fun.
    very lovely,the story.
    I like it.

    greatings sydney

  5. How cute - i will have to show my son, he's lego mad!

  6. thanks for the laugh-out-loud post this morning!!!
    how funny is that!!

  7. too funny! sometimes I wish my family didn't read my blog ..oh not you I mean my side of the family...have to keep my manners!


  8. Such a cute little story, beautiful photographs!