Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Great idea for wedding planners

I meant to blog this with the wedding photos from the weekend.  When we arrived at the wedding on Saturday they had fans for everyone as well as big tubs of ice with bottled water and stubby holders.  Great idea considering the current temperatures.

Oh and the bride works for a sweets company so there were enormous bowls of sweets dotted around the garden as well.  I was in heaven. 

And what a good Aussie bride.  Behind the scenes, the port-a-loo was tucked in a shed with this beside it.  She's a practical girl, the wash table, paper towel, tissues and mirror for guests sitting on 44 gal drum.  


  1. how hot has it been there?
    she's a smart bride to provide those "comforts".

  2. Wow this wedding sounds perfect, love the idea of a portaloo (lol)

  3. Great idea! Hot hot hot here today and tomorrow looks the same.

  4. She truly looked after you with the drinks and the bathroom accessories. Hot HOT here no relief in sight. Let's hope and pray for some rain....