Friday, January 2, 2009

Finally some back to some crafty blogging.

This quilt has been made (by my Mum) from some of the slower selling fabrics in Provincial Patch.  It came up really well.  Its a small lap size quilt which I'll quilt shortly.  It has a folded border around the centre panel which I'll have to be careful not to quilt over.  Other than that it should be quite quick to do.  We are trying to get some finished quilts together for the store/markets.

I'm also planning to run some specials this month to make room for the next big order.

This is my favourite range in store at the moment.  Patisserie by Moda.  I'm still working on a quilt of my own design using two sweet rolls or honey buns which are 1 and 1/2 inch strips.  All the fabrics in the collection are gorgeous.  Sweet rolls are in store with more of the range arriving around April.

These are my Spotlight bargains from when I went shopping between Christmas and New Year.  $2 p/metre, who could resist.  I can see a little dress being made out of the green floral.

And lastly some of natures handywork, I took this photo New Years Eve at our BBQ.  We think it is a Golden Orb spider.  They appear about this time of year and build a new web each night.  I like how the spider is glowing from the camera flash.


  1. Hi Julie
    Your mum has done a great job with the quilt!
    Happy new Year to you....not liking the me the cold

  2. Mum did a great job of the quilt.. I love pinwheels but still have not made one..
    Don't know about the spider, in Crazy quilting it is considered good luck...
    Julia ♥

  3. beautiful picture of the spider and the web!