Monday, January 5, 2009

Fairy quilt top.

Being the New Year I decided I had better have an assessment of my unfinished projects today. I have a few quilts that that I'm really close to finishing.

I thought I had better start on the ones I'm doing as shop samples. This is one of the patterns I have available. Its called Fairies in Boots. I was working on it back in October when I ran out of a difficult to obtain, variegated thread, so the quilt went by the wayside. I got it out this afternoon and finished the top, except for some embroidery on the narrow cream inner border.

Its only cot size, I think I might eventually hang it in Ellie Mae's room.

Then again, it would be perfect for sitting on while waiting for fairies to appear in the garden.


  1. Definitely best in the fairy garden.
    Andi :-)

  2. I think this quilt is great... i love the colors.
    the fairies are super cute!

  3. Julie, this quilt is gorgeous!
    I love fairies, and this is the best fairy quilt I've seen in a long time..
    Julia ♥