Saturday, January 3, 2009

Fabric hair accessories.

We picked up a guinea pig today from friends in town today.  We swapped her for some lemons.  I thought I would make the 9 year old who gave us the guinea pig some hair ties as well.  Pretty fair deal I thought.  So this afternoon out came the yo yo maker and in about half an hour we have...............

three hair elastics..............

and one hair clip.  Her Mum told me her favourite colour is blue so I hope she likes these.


  1. a little secret...
    I've never made a yoyo.. maybe it's time.
    I think the little girl will love these hair "pretties".

  2. Gorgeous Hair ties & clips..very Clever of you with yo yo's..I'm sure they will be very well recieved.

  3. They look so cute julie!! And love the quilt your Mum made too!! Just another thing - how do you get 3 coloums in your blog??
    x Sarah