Friday, January 23, 2009

Blow'n a gale.

My poor neglected blog.  I'm sorry blog.  

What a week.  Husband looking after neighboring dairy farm, milking cows etc. He goes back to teaching next week. 

Me, regreting saying last year that I would work in the bank for three days in a row this week, I haven't done that for about two years.  I spent most of it brushing up on fun things like insurance training because I haven't worked for so long.  It was hard to get motivated knowing I am only going to work about a day a month if that.  I'm just the emergency girl.
Thankyou to my live in nanny this week - Mum. xxx

Once again I have no stitching to show.  Very sad.
I have managed a little gardening.  We picked our sunflower heads off last night to stop all the birds stealing the seeds.  We have lots of seeds for next year.  The big flowers got to over seven feet tall.  The flower heads are so heavy.
Yesterday here we had a massive dust storm.  It started at midday and was still blowing at dark.  This photo doesn't really show it well, but normally we can see so much further.  Lots of vacuuming, moping, dusting, sweeping etc being done today.  Blah.  No rain to top it off.  

Bring on the weekend.  We have a wedding tomorrow and then, fingers crossed I might get back to some sewing.  


  1. What a week! Phew! Dust storm? Wow, I should send you some of the snow from my backyard that's piled up LOL

    The pic of the sunflowers is kewl, especially the one where most of it's seeds are missing. I love seeing the sunflowers growing in the fields here too :^)

    Take a deep calming breath and enjoy your weekend!

  2. those sunflower heads are Huge...hope things quieten down for you so you can get some R & R..