Thursday, January 8, 2009

Bloggy mail

How exciting.  I got a little bloggy present today from Annie at Flower Garden.  I blogged a while ago about planting heaps of Hollyhock seeds, only to have one plant grow and flower.  Annie felt sorry for me and has sent me a cute packet of seeds collected from her flowers, a lovely card and some fabric with watermelons and watermelon seed packs on it, very cute.  Thankyou so much Annie. xxx

You have to have a look at Lurline's blog too.  She has finished her Charisma quilt made from fabric bought from Provincial Patch.  It looks great. She is donating it to a raffle with proceeds going towards the Royal Flying Doctor's Service which I am especially pleased about having used the service with Ellie when she was ten days old.  It is an amazing, professional, caring service that we are so lucky to have.

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  1. Good luck with the seeds Julie - it was my pleasure!