Monday, December 22, 2008

Who needs Jamie Durie.......

Relocating the lemon tree the easy way.  Wow!!
Five minutes and it was in its new location.  
Tell Santa I want an excavator for Christmas.
Imagine what else I could get up to in the garden if I had one. Mmmmm.
I'd even let Jamie borrow it now and then.
Here's the tree in its new home next to the vegie/sunflower patch.
Note, semi horizontal sunflowers from wind and hail.
Then is was on with the real work again. 
 The boys with the Steiger and Case IH (did I get it right this time Grant?) started today.  
The excavator is filling in our old channel and the other two tractors are moving dirt to level out the paddock for irrigation.  
All essential viewing if you are a five year old boy.

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  1. Pretty close Jules just call them Steigers, looking forward to tomorrows pics