Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Steigers are back.....

The other news of our week was the boys and their BIG toys returned to our place prepare some more ground for lasering in January.  Here is the paddock being deep ripped.  In January they return to level all the ground out for irrigation and fix our channel.
I heard a rumor that one of these boys has my blog on RSS and has 
been waiting for these pics to appear.  
Maybe he's a closet quilter.......   
Have you worked out how to leave a comment Humby?

The Steigers arrive.  They are huge.

The site supervisor.  He will sit and watch these guys work for hours.

This is a photo from earlier in the year.

The front lawn being "lasered" last January!!!!!!  
Lucky I convinced Patrick to plant grass seeds at the same time Daddy sowed his new paddocks.  I'm going to have to find him a new place to dig up in January when the guys return.

Edit....I stand corrected, one of the tractors is a Case IH, if my husband was looking over my shoulder like he normally does I would have got that right.  Thanks Humby. :-)


  1. Hey Jules, well actually my Case IH quilt is coming along nicely, thanks for asking.

  2. love the pic of your little guy watching the big boys!

  3. boys and their toys they never grow up.........and i guess Humby worked out the commenting thingy.......

  4. I'm delighted that Patrick volunteered for the site supervisor job; someone's gotta do it! LOL

  5. awwwwwwwwww how cute is that little site manager of yours! c-u-t-e!