Thursday, December 11, 2008

Spiderman quilt

I checked with my girlfriend today and she didn't mind me posting these pictures of the quilt I just quilted for her.  Its a present for her five year old son for Christmas.  She designed it herself using pictures from a kids colouring book.  There are also spiders in webs at the top of the quilt but you can't see them because I've hung it over the line for a photo.

Heres a close up of one of the spiders.  Machine raw edge applique with hand stitched silver thread for the web.  Looks amazing.

The city at night.  Edged in silver with yellow thread for the windows.

And, spiderman.  She's done an amazing job, right down to using two rows of stitching, one black and one silver to give the spiderweb effect on the red.

I've just quilted it using an all over stipple but avoided stitching over any of the applique.  We were undecided about doing a close row of machine or hand stitching around the edge of the applique, it can always be done at a later date.  It looks fine without it.  I'd probably only do it if the backing gets a little loose where there is no quilting.  
Thanks "L" for letting me show these.


  1. The Spiderman quilt is incredible!
    Your friend is talented, that's for sure! Wow-wee

  2. L did an absolutely awesome job of this Spiderman quilt! 8-)