Monday, December 29, 2008


Where did that week go?
We had a couple of days away to celebrate Christmas with family which was fun.  
We had two family celebrations, one on Christmas fay with my husband's family, where we had cold meats, seafood and salads and a traditional hot meal with my family on Boxing Day.
We were all very spoilt, Santa found us even though we were not at home.  My Mum had been busy sewing (unlike myself) I received this beautiful padded coat hanger from her.

Santa brought me a book......goody.
Grandma had also been busy knitting for next Winter for Ellie Mae.
My Christmas elves under the tree.

We all also got a fly net each to wear around the garden at home.  Very handy.  Patrick thinks it is a wonderful idea and wore his all day today.

Our earthworks continued today.  They are nearly finished.  Lots of dust again today, it will be good to get some grass growing on the bare ground soon.  Our next big jobs are fencing and tree planting.

Six days since my last blog!  Time flies.  I've got a week of reading to catch up on to see what everyone else got up to Christmas week, and then, back to some normality and some crafting again.  I've nearly forgotten where everything is in my sewing room it seems so long since I ventured in there.  Happy New Year to everyone in case I get side tracked again between now and then.  xxx


  1. yes were did the time go??? I am finally going shopping and to the bank in the morning to bank the money for the little top.
    DH is home and I get nothing done outside the home.


  2. sounds like you had a great Christmas with your family... we did also.
    love the little sweater for Ellie Mae... that color will be so pretty with her blonde hair!