Tuesday, December 23, 2008

More dirt & dust.

There is a distinct lack of sewing, Christmas cooking, present wrapping etc happening around here.
Here are some more photos of our current Christmas activities.
Can you see Pat in the passenger seat above.  
He disappeared for hours this morning, driving around with the boys.
He was so excited, but apparently hardly says a word while they were driving.
Dumping soil for the excavator to use to fill in the old channel.  
Turning around in a pretty tight spot.
Part of the old channel being filled in.  There is garden either side, he only broke one tiny branch, its amazing how the guys can maneuver all these big machine within inches of things.

Laying water pipes in the paddock for water troughs.
My terminology will probably be corrected on this post.  
My favourite Steiger drivers are keeping an eye on their progress here.


  1. What heaven for a little boy. Bob the Builder came to YOUR place!!!

  2. Little boys love tractors and stuff...looks like he was having a great time!
    Nice to see them together..
    Hugs Julia ♥

  3. What fun he is having just before Christmas too.

  4. I bet Patrick dreamt about the tractors at night too. LOL
    Great stuff!

    Merry Christmas to you Julie and your loved ones!

  5. merry Christmas julie...hope you had a lovely day with all the family...I know keira would have loved to have been with her little cousins! I still have a little present for your little ones and will post off when Justin gives me the address!


  6. Wow! Lots of mud slinging around your place! Wonderful sites for a little boy! 8-)