Thursday, December 18, 2008

A five year olds world.

Pre-school graduation.  Very formal with the hat and everything.

We also had a friends 4 year old birthday party which was held in a neighboring town (Elmore) where they have a miniature railway.  
Loads of fun for Thomas the Tank engine obsessed boys.  
We had the two miniature trains for nearly two hours of unlimited rides.  
Notice its next to the Melbourne V-line track, we had a couple of real trains go past when we were there, lots of tooting and waving from both sides of the fence which was exciting for all the kids.  

Both trains at the station.

An old abandoned farm house on the way home.


  1. My son would be in little boy heaven.
    Have you heard about the old steam train that runs between Castlemaine and Maldon?
    Have a look at this post for details:

    Andi :-)