Sunday, December 7, 2008

Crazy calf

Very little quilt making done this weekend.  Today was a job catch up day around the house.  We drenched the cows.  This little calf looks pretty cute but she went crazy in the yards.  She was the product of a visit from next door's, not so docile bull, earlier in the year.  All our artificially inseminated cows have had lovely quiet calves.  Crazy cows don't last long around here.  She hasn't been handled at all because she has just been with her Mum, so we have separated her and plan to give her lots of human attention for a while to see if we can quieten her down before she gets too big.  We will bring her Mum up to the house so she can still have a feed.
Here she is having a "calf wash" before we put the halter on her to bring her over to the house.  She wasn't too impressed but she was covered in you know what from the big cows.


  1. LOL! There's gotta be a crazy in the bunch every once in a while! LOL!! She's cute though...

  2. I'm with Myra, she's cute even if she's fiesty! LOL

  3. she looks very similar to a calf just born at my Dad's ranch. My daughter named her Gabriella.
    they are so cute when babies!

  4. My kids would love that calf! They love anything with four legs!
    BTW...I've nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger award! You can find the details on my blog! :0)