Thursday, December 18, 2008

Another storm

Its the middle of the day here, getting very dark, we are in for another electrical storm.  My poor sunflowers are going to get another beating, we had a big storm last night also.  I'm half way through another blog post of our weeks happenings but no doubt we will lose power shortly.  So bye for now.  

Its half an hour later now.  That was scary.   I could hear a strange constant thunder noise so went outside under the carport to check it out just to see and HEAR a wall of white roaring across the paddock towards our house.  So with two crying kids, ran inside, the wall arrived with hail stones the size of golf balls, a bit of heavy rain and now the suns out.  Freaky.


  1. Phew! That does sound freaky. Glad you didn't get caught in the hail...

  2. doesn't it make you thankful for a safe and warm home? anytime it's stormy or snowy/icy like it's been lately, it reminds me how blessed we are to be safe, secure, dry, and warm inside our home.

  3. That doesn't sound so fun... I'm glad you're all ok, and that it didn't do any damage. Here in Norway we are not used to hail that big, but it can get quite windy sometimes...
    Back here, the snow is raining away, and I really thought it would be white till Christmas... Hope it'll snow some till then.
    Whish you a peaceful and kozy Christmas.

  4. Gosh that's awful Julie..I'm so glad you were there for your kids
    I remember getting stuck in a storm like that when my son was tiny...we were in a car....really scary too and YUK!
    How did your Sunflowers come out of it?
    Glad you're alright.
    Robyn xx