Sunday, November 30, 2008

Who else loves quilting but hates mending.

I came across these two beauties in an antique shop the other day.  I'm very tempted to go back and get them for Christmas presents for two little people I know quite well.  What do you think?

No quilting photos, yet again, but there has been major progress in other areas of my sewing room.  My mending pile is GONE!!!!!  Very exciting, this lead to other just as exciting jobs being completed, filing, window cleaning, dusting etc etc.  My room looks amazing, I am even considering giving the window frame a lick of paint while I have the curtain down to wash.   A real Spring clean, last day of Spring I know, better late than never.


  1. Go for it ......look like great purchases to there such a word (lol) try almost anything to avoid the word

  2. Buy them!!...I would!
    these things don't come up for sale very often.
    Think of the little ones that had them and how much loved they must have been.
    I wish I had kept a lot of my kids things like these..
    Hugs Julia

  3. Mending is not in my dictionary. Same as ironing .

  4. I;m with Joan, I don't understand emding and ironing...but a little makeover of the sewing room is a grand idea!

  5. love that little buggy and scooter. Great finds!!