Tuesday, November 11, 2008

On the bus

My five year old finishes kinder this year then he is off to school next year.  The kinder kids have been having a few practice days at school over the last few weeks but today they got to get picked up by the school bus for the first time.  Weren't we out of bed early and dressed this in no time this morning.  Heres my little munchkin getting on the big bus like he's done it every day of his life.  No hint of sympathy for Mum.  

The other big event of the week is our new garage door.  The old one was damaged in strong winds about six weeks ago.  I love the new one, especially the remote control business.  Considering parts of our house are a hundred years old its a pretty flash addition to the house.  Its doing a great job of keeping the dust away from the cars too seeing we live on a gravel road.  I used to have to leave the old one open most of the time because it was too heavy to lift.  They still have to come back and finish the trim off but I'm happy already.  


  1. They grow up so quickly, bet you had a lump in your throat as you watched him get on!
    Nice looking garage door, you'll never want to go back to a manual door after experiencing the automatic one, great on wet and wind days!!

  2. Of course no sympathy for dear mum!!! Too excited about the bus! Gotta run!!! Typical boy!!! 8-)
    Great garage door, and automatic door opener too yet! I sure miss my automatic door opener we had on the garage at our other house... 8-)

  3. Myra is spot on, Patrick's got too many adventures to explore, ya know Mum :^)

    Interesting that the school bus is a coach type bus and not a yellow school bus that we have over here....

    Congrats on the new garage door too!

  4. ohhhhh what a big boy!!!!!

    oh I'd love a garage door, the new house has a carport and a driveway that keira just wants to run down (to the road!!!!!!)