Monday, November 10, 2008

Not a stitch.

Very busy here.   Lots of jobs to be done around the house so no sewing to speak of.  We had our hay baled a few days ago.  This is what happens when a so called friend does the job.....He thought it would be funny to make a six footer!   The bale above is normal size, the one below is our freaky bale.  I'm not sure what we do with it now.  The tractor was groaning trying to pick it up, it won't fit in the our hay ring so I guess the cows will just demolish it as is one day.

We had 37 mls of rain which was great.  My roses were looking stunning but the flowers are all wrecked now and the plants drooping from the weight of wet leaves but at least they have a a good drink.  We tackled the weeding, whipper snipped and mowed on Saturday.  Then on Sunday hubby brought up an old bale of straw to the garden, we are in the process of spreading it on the garden beds while the ground is still damp to keep in the moisture.

We have spent the last few evening till dark in the garden, its lovely and cool after warmish days and for some strange reason there are no mozzies.  Every day should be like this.  Its funny reading about other bloggers and their snow covered gardens.  I can't imagine it at all.

I'm dropping lots of hints about my up coming birthday and overlockers.    I know I'll just get sent shopping to buy one.  
I'm off to Quilt Market in Melbourne this Saturday.  Can't wait.  Any other bloggers going?


  1. I would love to go along with you two... too bad I am busy that day! LOL!!!
    That is one huge bale! Wow! 8-)
    Garden is looking lovely!

  2. As we get darker and darker, colder and sure is warming to visit blogs from down-under where the sun is shining and the flowers are blooming!

    LOVE THE BALE of hay day I want to do my own "van Gogh" style paintings with modern shapes!

  3. Your garden is lovely. The hay bales are cool. I married a farm boy but I've moved him to the ciy.