Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My Angel Swap gifts have arrived!

Look what was in my mail box this morning from  my Stitching Angel partner.  I couldn't wait to open it.

Inside was the most amazing stash of goodies, I was quite overwhelmed at what was inside.  Where to start?  As well as five mystery parcels and a lovely card, there were two current quilting magazines, with great Halloween projects inside AND two little girls dress patterns which my lovely Angel a saw me collecting on my blog AND not forgetting some yummy chocolates and caramels.  I think these may have aroused customs suspicions, see end of this post.

The first parcel contained these lovely fat quarters which I think I might try and make into a dress for Ellie Mae.

The next parcel had this cute bag made out of fabric printed with all things stitching on it.  It is a really nice size so I can see myself using it a lot.

Then the next three packages contained an armchair caddy complete with some new threads, a gorgeous pin cushion and the cutest scissor keeper.  I'm excited seeing I don't already have any of these items in my sewing kit.  

All my goodies!
So a thankyou to my angel swapper.

Unfortunately this sticker was on my box when it arrived.  Me being the chocoholic I am, my first thought was, "Oh no, my Stitching Angel has sent me chocolate and customs has taken it".  Thats pretty bad isn't it?  Anyway it appears all was OK, the chocolates came tumbling out when I opened it so all is forgiven.

Australia Post Customs included these two, very informative brochures in the box when they re-packed it for future reference.  As if they are going to stop bloggers supporting each other's habits, be it stitching or otherwise.


  1. What a generous angel you had, love those fabrics and your stitching goodies are so beautiful!
    Enjoy those sweets!!

  2. What a great box to receive! I'm always afraid to send chocolate or candy or, really, any foodstuffs as I know it can cause problems.

  3. Nice box of goodies Julie, you lucky duck! Looks like you got some Dove chocolate, which we can't buy here in Canada either so enjoy! I think I'll buy some the next time I'm in the States.....

  4. What an awesome package of goodies!!! You is spoiled Ms Julie!!! 8-)
    Lucky you!!!

  5. Beautiful goodies from your stitchers angel. Chocolate and quilters go together like fuel and aeroplanes! Customs need to understand this very important fact. Enjoy your goodies. Hugs Jx

  6. A fantastic parcel!!! So many lovely items... lucky you!!

  7. Yippie!!So happy it arrived but sorry they had to open it.The candy was in a sandwich bag. So funny though as Postal Gal and I chuckled thinking a sniffer dog might smell the chocolate and it have to be x-rayed...never thought opened! Will be sure to tell her! I just could NOT send a sewing gal a pkg with out some choc..nope just not done!!
    I enjoyed doing it all for you and getting to know you as well. I hope you will share whatever you do with the fab or from the mags!!

  8. What a Lovely Angel you have & Generous one too...Love all your Goodies...

  9. So much fun receiving gifts through the mail! Love all the sewing accessories!