Friday, November 28, 2008

Mum's quilt factory

My Mum's been to visit for the week.  She babysat while I got lots of jobs done around the house and did a few hours work back at our local community bank.  That was scary seeing I haven't worked for 18 months.  All my customers were happy to see me so I spent most of the day chatting.  Being a Community owned bank in a tiny town we are able to spend a lot more time with our customers, nice old fashioned service, unlike the kind of reception you get in the big banks in the cities now.  

Anyway Mum arrived with some quilts she has finished so I thought I would take photos seeing I don't have anything of my own to share.  She made this beautiful frilled cot quilt above.....
a teddy quilt......

and a dolls quilt.

My one and only Hollyhock plant.  Disappointing considering the number of seeds I spread.


  1. oh beautiful quilts...wish my mum would come over and do a few things for me!


  2. Oh what beautiful quilts especially love the frilled one. It must be grand having your Mum to stay.

  3. It's a beautiful hollyhock just the same and must be a strong one if none of the other survived. I've heard that ants take 80% of seeds. I have some really yummy strong lighter pink ones. If you'd like some seeds, send me an email.

  4. Lovely Quilts.could only see the pics too dark to ready anything.

  5. What lovely quilts your mom has made...again! 8-)
    Your one and only hollyhock is beautiful!