Saturday, November 22, 2008

Mini charm squares and quilting.

This is a customer quilt I'm doing for Provincial Patch.  I've had to quilt it on my domestic machine because the piecing was a little uneven and its been easier the ease the quilting over it so as not to get any little puckers.   The lady from the quilt store that sent it to us said they were aware it would be a tricky one to do.  I'm pleased with how it is coming up.  I think the owner should be happy with it.  I was given free reign on the quilt style etc.  I've done my hearts and swirl design that I like and stitched around the applique to make it stand out.  This is only a sneaky photo, I wouldn't put a complete picture of a customer quilt on my blog without their permission.

The other job of the week were these mini charm squares.  I have decided to include these with customer orders from Provincial Patch.  It will give our customers a better idea of the fabric bolts in stock, easier to colour match, check quality etc. especially since there is a lot of interest and orders from outback Australia.  It will make it easier for these ladies who don't get to a store very often.

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  1. yeh that includes me and I am in the outback........well sort no quilt shop around the