Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Little dresses.

While in Melbourne last weekend, my Mum and I worked on some little girls dresses/long tops and bloomers.  Some for Ellie Mae and some to sell.

This pattern was cut off an existing dress.  Both styles have a cross -over back and don't require over locking.  The two sides are sewn together then turn in the right way.  

Some of the bloomers Mum made........

and our model wearing them with her new top.

Mum put ric-rac around the edge of this one for Ellie Mae.  

Its a cool, wet day here which I love.  I'm hoping to do some quilting.  I did the housework yesterday so I can have a day off today for my birthday.  The kids woke me up with presents this morning including a new Bamix mixer, I had asked for one seeing I blew the old one up.  We are still yet to go shopping for my big presi, a new overlocker.  

A new box of fabric arrived for Provincial Patch last night too.  I'll have to have a rumage through that today too and put it in the shop.  Its Moda's Urban Couture range.  More jelly rolls, fat quarters, charm squares and some bolts of beautiful fabric.  Mmmmm.   

Organic lamb roast and pavlova with strawberries and cream for birthday tea tonight.
More mmmmm.


  1. Happy Birthday to you and love the little girls outfit, did you say you sell some of these? My granddaughter would look cute in one


  2. "Happy Birthday" Julie...Hope You have a Great Day...Love the Little One's Dresses they are Adorable...

  3. Happy Birthday, Julie!!
    Enjoy your special day - hope you'll get a lot of great pressies (fingers are crossed that you'll find the perfect overlock), a BIIIG cake & have heaps of fun ;o)
    I love those dresses...I'm already wondering how to make a similar for the daughter of a friend...they're too cute.
    Hugs, Julia

  4. Happy Birthday Julie!!!

    Hope you have a wonderful day :^)

  5. Happy Birthday Julie, have a wonderful day !!
    Gosh, I remember making these little outfits for my daughter when she was this 45years old!
    They are the best in our hot summers..
    Hugs Julia

  6. Happy Birthday Julie!! Hope you're getting spoilt!
    P.S. The dresses and bloomers are too cute!

  7. Happy Birthday to you........enjoy your day and the dresses and pants are very cute........

  8. Happy Birthday To You !!!
    Hope your day is just the best. I, too made these little dresses for my Angela who is now 41, your little one is sooooo cute and beautiful!
    Hugs - Lurline!

  9. Love the little dresses. SO clever!!
    And happy birthday to you. Hope you have a lovely one.
    Andi :-)

  10. "Happy Birthday" to you Happy birthday Dear Julie...Hope You have a fab Day with family and friends ...Adorable Little One's the fabric........

  11. Happy birthday to you.....
    I hope you have a nice birthday!
    In Holland it's cold and rainy, just like autumn should be.

    Greetings from Debby
    the Netherlands

  12. Happy Birthday Julie! Ellie Mae is adorable in her little bloomers and dress! So cute! :0)

  13. happy birthday!

    ack!!! Ellie Mae is so very adorable in her new little outfit.