Saturday, November 15, 2008

Kid in a candy store.

I stole some time away from the little ones to attend the Melbourne Quilt Market trade fair. Wow, as a first timer it was very exciting. I'm not at home on my own computer so will have to post some photos next time. It was made even more exciting by meeting some fellow bloggers. 

I picked up some great new Aussie designed patchwork and quilt patterns and spent a little too much money on the Moda stand. I can't walk past a Jelly Roll without buying one or two or five!!!! I discovered "Sweet Rolls" which are like Jelly Rolls except only 1 & 1/2 inch wide instead of 2 & 1/2. They will be interesting to make up. I suppose they will look very much like Jelly Roll quilts except in miniature.

I made some great contacts with various thread supplies which we have been looking for. Its hard being off the beaten track and trading on-line because not many sales reps seem to know where to find me yet.

While I've been staying at Mum and Dad's I've been busy making some little girls dresses for Ellie Mae and some extras to sell.  have decided I need smaller items to sell for when I go to markets etc. for  customers looking to purchase smaller hand made items, although there is still have a lot of interest in  completed quilts.

Sorry about the photoless post. I can't drive my Dad's computer as well as my beloved Mac.

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  1. We can wait for pics once you're at home again, didn't know you were an Apple girl! Did you find that you were in sensory overload? Your brain was trying to process all the stuff you saw and of course you don't want to miss a thing! I suspect this is a first but certainly not the last time you'll be at one of these shows...

    The other neat thing was meeting Aussie quilting 'royalty' eh? It's fun I'm sure.

    Looking forward to more of your report after the weekend is over.