Wednesday, November 5, 2008

High country weekend.

We took advantage of the long weekend just gone and spent a few days in the high country.  
We rented a house in Jamieson with family. 
 (This isn't the house, I just thought it would make a cute photo.)
The kids all slept upstairs in the cottage in a long attic bedroom 
which they were pretty excited about.  

We had this beautiful rocky river at the bottom of the garden.

Parrots eating out of our hands in the garden.
Ellie Mae and one of the huge old trees along the river.

On our last day away it was Melbourne Cup Day.  The Mansfield cup is held on the same day so we went to the races on our way home.  Some of the race goers arrived by wagon.

My best "action" shot of the day.  Most of my race photos came out as picture of an empty track, I was too slow and the horses were past me by the time I took the photo.

Before the big race the had a sort of horse and rider costume display.  This was a beautifully pieced and quilted unicorn outfit made from fabrics collected from all over the world.  
Not bad finding a quilt at the races.
My husband was standing behind me saying "I bet that goes on the blog".

I didn't really "frock up" like some of the crowd, 
I didn't fancy chasing a toddler around in my high heels and a too short dress, maybe next year.  I did manage to purchase a new hat over the weekend.

Oh, and one of the highlights of our little holiday was two child free hours patchwork shopping in Mooroopna at "Country Thyme" and in Spotlight Shepparton.  I bought a cute dress pattern at the patchwork shop which they are posting too me and these are the fabrics I bought at spotlight, all $4 a metre.  I'm still saving for my overlocker.  I've decided on an Elna four thread that can also be used as a three thread overlocker.  


  1. Sounds like an awesome weekend Julie!! Great photos! 8-)

  2. Love the guy with the kewl helmet! and it looked like you were having a good time at the horse races. Thanks for sharing your weekend away, great pics!

  3. Ahh sounds wonderful....

    JUst what a family needs to recharge.

  4. What a great weekend Julie. I've had a 4-reel overlocker for years - excellent investment (especially with young children).

  5. ohhhhhhh wish I was there for a family weekend....mind you I would have been left looking after 3 children while justin drank beer with the boys!