Friday, November 7, 2008

Baby quilt for sale.

I've decided to advertise this little quilt from for sale on my blog, the same one from yesterday's post.   

$120 including postage within Australia only.  It measures 60x67cms (basinet size), made from new, 100% cotton fabrics and wadding, in a smoke and pet free environment.  The fairy is hand appliqued, the quilt machine pieced and machine quilted.  I'm just finishing the hand sewing around the binding.  

I will take another photo tomorrow.  Its pouring rain here so the light isn't good again.  I'm not complaining though because we really need the rain.

I'm considering opening an Etsy or Madeit shop in future, when I find the time!!  It looks quite easy.  In the meantime I'll advertise a few items on my blog from time to time.

Contact me via e-mail if you are interested.


  1. What a lovely quilt. An Etsy shop that sound like a fun adventure.Someone will snavel up that quilt before the weeks out. Have a great week

  2. I wish you were my next door neighbour.. I was really tempted to snap up this quilt, and then I remembered that I have one that I have started, and if I buy this one, I will NEVER finish it. If you were my neighbour, I could come over and get some tips on what the hell I'm doing with square bits of cloth, because quite frankly, it's giving me the screaming shits.

  3. What a sweet quilt for a little girl! That fairy is just too cute! :0)