Friday, October 17, 2008

A quilting nightmare.

The other night I cut out all the pieces for the customer quilt I am making.  I started sewing them together today..........So far so good.

Then......(insert bad words here)  the side strips are too short for the middle section.....(more bad words and a deep breath).  OK, back to the pattern.  I read and re-read and re-measured, I appear to have done everything as per the instructions......Now what?

I decided the easiest thing to do was to remake the centre piece (lucky I have enough fabric left over).  The squares now go together nicely if slightly smaller than the pattern says.

So now I'm left over with all these pieces.  I've decided to make a small quilt for myself out of them.  I really like the fabric so I suppose its not all that bad just a little stressful because I have to have the quilt finished earlier than first thought.  Sew, sew sew sew.........

Additional note...I managed to contact the designer and it turns out the pattern WAS printed with an error.  She is sending me a proper copy that is correct which is lovely of her.  I'm lucky I was able to work around it.


  1. I hear your frustration from all the way from Canada Julie! Have you made this pattern before?? I guess that's why alot of patterns say make a test block first to see if you like the colours and if the measurements are correct. Good thing you had extra fabric to spare. Good luck with the rest of the construction of the quilt

  2. Ohhh...aint that annoying!!! Glad you could manage to use all the pieces anyway... and a bonus to yourself too...thats great!! :o)

  3. OH! OH! not HO Ho, But like a great thinker you have made good out of , How did I do that.

  4. I would have a few very choice words for that situation also!!! That IS maddening!! Makes you wonder if every quilt designer has someone do a "test run" of the pattern before it goes out into circulation!!!
    Good thing you figured your way around it, with a bonus for you, and great that the designer is sending you a "corrected" pattern...