Sunday, October 5, 2008

Patchwork dress/top for baby girl.

It finally warmed up enough to have photos in the new top.  The tutorial here showed how to make a dress but it is a little stiff because it is lined, so I thought a top for over pants might be better while she is little.  It should soften up.   I've got to get some snaps for the shoulder straps.

Ellie Mae wondering what on earth Mum is up to again.

Its really cute, I just love it.  Wouldn't the frill make a nice edge to a quilt instead of a binding.  


  1. Ellie Mae looks absolutely adorable in the Dress/Top!!! What a little sweetheart you have there... A little blondie like my babes were... memories.... 8-)

  2. Glad your DD cooperated in modelling the outfit. It's gorgeous on her. Glad to see you had a fun night on the town with some of the other mums!

  3. Its even nicer on - I was worried that it would look too quiltlike!

  4. Ellie Mae looks cute in the top....If only my daughter was little again she would have looked cute in that top..Shame..... she is nearly 18

  5. She's adorable and great top!