Friday, October 3, 2008

More Spring flowers.

These are the first of our Iris flowers to appear this year.  The previous owner left hundreds of bulbs in cramped rock hard garden beds.  It took me two years but I eventually got them planted in better spots.  The flowers are getting bigger and better every year.  So far this year I have lilac, purple and this really unusual chocolate coloured one.  The lilac one is huge, bigger than my spread out hand.  Its petals have lace like edges.


  1. They are gorgeous. I will have to raid you garden

  2. You obviously have a green thumb! Very nice! 8-)

  3. Loved the pics of the flowers. Enjoy them!

  4. Love the Iris's I hgave some in my garden. Were given to me from a friend. Thge chocolate colured lilac is certainly different.
    Have a great weekend