Thursday, October 2, 2008

Excitement building.

According to my sources the store fabric should come TODAY.  Yay.

In the meantime I'm working on my pin wheels, this will come to a grinding halt as you may have guessed but every little bit of sewing is a step closer to finishing it.   What's another few weeks when its been in the cupboard about three years.

This is a photo I took at dusk last night.  The kids and I went for a walk just before bed time.  It was a warm evening and we are having some great sunsets.  We have a huge window in our lounge that looks out to the West so we get to watch them every night.


  1. Love that sunset!! I have my fingers and toes crossed that the fabric does indeed arrive today. Also thanks for mentioning and linking my giveaway!

  2. A gorgeous sunset... and you get to watch one every night!! Lucky you...
    I hope the fabrics came! 8-)

  3. wow!Beautiful so nice to meet you