Sunday, October 26, 2008

Empty nest.

I have been having to contend with cranky Willy Wagtails every morning I hang out the washing for a while.  Why?  Because they built this years nest next to the clothes line.

Here are their three offspring.  It was quite crowded in there.  Every time I looked one was sitting on top of the other two.

Then this morning they were gone.  Mum and Dad were using the clothes line for flying lessons.  So it wasn't such a silly place to locate the nest after all.  


  1. We had a family of Robins in a nest built on top of a spot light near the roof. I like to turn it on for the dogs when they go out at night but had to resit for a couple months for fear it would set the nest on fire. Poor dogs had to wander around in the dark to do their thing. LOL
    Just found your blog .You do beautiful work

  2. Clothes line for flying lessons? Not a bad idea! but having to sleep one birdie on top of the other? hmmmmm...
    but it worked for this family!

  3. Awwwwwwwe..... Good photos! 8-)

  4. Great photos ........I once had a simular situations ...unfortunately We had to move the nest the following year as little parcel kept being deposited on the clothes (lol)