Saturday, October 4, 2008

Couldn't resist.

On my blog travels today I came across Crazy Mom Quilts, and she had a tutorial on how to make a little patchwork dress.  So guess what I did this afternoon?  My little model has gone to bed so I'll have to wait till tomorrow to try it on her.  I'm pretty proud of this effort not having made many clothes before.    I used left over Moda Faded Memories and Poetry fabric, the same fabric in the quilt in my blog header which is also Ellie Mae's first quilt.  

Amandajean has loads of other clever and beautiful creations with instruction on her blog so make sure you have a look.


  1. Very sweet dress... I saw the makings of that little dress on Crazy Mom Quilts also a while back. That gall has all kinds of ideas... Always something new in her posts...
    Happy stitchings Julie! 8-)

  2. I LOVE IT! that is so precious and sweet. what a great idea making it shorter so it can be worn over pants. adorable!!!

  3. oh my, that is so sweet ~ I would never have imagined a patchwork dress, but it's just perfect. Can't wait to see it on.