Friday, September 5, 2008

Play group

Yesterday Ellie Mae and I had an outing.  A girlfriend has been saying for weeks we should go with her to a music playgroup in the next town.  So yesterday I finally got my act together, big brother went to pre-school and Ellie Mae and I tootled off the play group.  Well, it was fantastic, all the Mums and kids were really lovely.  

I couldn't believe what we got for our $3 though.  We got a half hour or more of singing and musical games, the kids all get a bag of musical instruments so they can join in.  Then we all went into another room where a place was set at little tables with a plate of fruit/bun/biscuit for each child.  THEN we all went outside to a cute courtyard that was all set up with play equipment, chalk boards, play dough etc etc etc  THEN the Mums could have their coffee and watch the kids play with some morning tea themselves, well for morning tea there were hot mini quiches, mini sausage rolls, jelly slice, lemon slice, chocolate slice you name it was there and all home made.  I couldn't believe it  AND all the ladies running the morning wouldn't even let us clean up. 

Apparently they are going to have to run it twice a week because it is becoming soooooo popular......I wonder why?

Before we went home I popped into the op-shop.  I picked up three patterns (unused) for 20cents each, Little girls dresses with matching patterns for dolls and a dress pattern for me.  I think I need to buy an overlocker.

I also found a couple of cute kids books and a silly golf dictionary to give hubby for Father's Day.  Once again all 20cents each.  So a grand total of $4.20 spent and a fabulous morning had by all.


  1. What a great playgroup. I think I would be going every week as well.

    Love the goodies you got in the charity shop.

    Love and hugs Gina xxx

  2. Other mums to visit with, playmates for your child and food/beverage ? That's a bargain! Glad to hear you two had a nice outing. Gotta train her early for those special mother-daughter shopping trips!

  3. Hi, that playgroup nearly makes me want to steal a toddler and go for a drive....(that comes from a woman who continued calling into playgroup in time for the coffee for a year after her baby went to School!!!!)
    Great op shop finds...and thanks for the visit!! Tracey

  4. Yep as they say, "Thank God for the Salvos" I think you have found a winner and your op shop finds are cheap cheap cheap. Enjoy

  5. sounds like a good playgroup!!!!!! on the overlocker front I wish I was down there and I'd lend you mind since its getting no love at the moment...I still haven't rethreaded it which is the worst part. get one on ebay and I love the janome but I would have got a newer model where the threads run down the machine as mine need to go around knobs and have a weird way of threading the needle

    love those patterns