Tuesday, September 30, 2008

PhD in progress.

With nothing on telly, a husband off doing hay till midnight and both kids asleep I thought I would drag out this PhD (project half done).  I have heaps of pin wheels in pink, purple, green and blue, made from scraps over the years.  I think I have enough for a quilt now.  Trouble is how to join them up.  I'll lay them out a couple of ways tomorrow to see what you think.  I could sash them too.  Oh, I don't know what to do.

I'm trimming them up tonight making sure they are all de-fluffed, de-tagged and the same size.  


  1. Phd, I like that name! You've made a lot of pinwheels girl! I'm thinking that if you sash them you won't have to match up the blocks to one another and then you'll finish it faster ?!

  2. Love your pinwheels...love the colours!!!;o)

  3. Can I have the quilt when you finish. I love it. Its going to look great. Love the colours too. Off to milk.

  4. PhD...?...sounds a lot smarter than UFO. I like it! 8-)
    On to your newest post about your pinwheels...