Sunday, September 21, 2008

My invention.

My sister-in-law who stayed this weekend had a very sore back, she arrived with her heat bag with which she proceeded to tie on with my dressing gown cord.

This was the look she sported most of the weekend.

This morning I decided there must be a better alternative, plus I wanted to wear my dressing gown.  I came up with this little number.  I'm sure someone has thought of it before.  Its sort of a fabric sleeve to put your heat bag in which then ties around your middle.  (Or as demonstrated with much hilarity by the male members of the family, many other possibilities but we won't go there.)  It was made in about half an hour this morning with a crowd of curious onlookers watching.  Its a much nicer and better fitting alternative to the dressing gown cord.  The heat bag kind of hugs your back/bottom/tummy really well.

My audience decided it needed more colour.  I had some left over suffolk puffs in a drawer which went on quite nicely.  I put three across the back and fringed the edges as well for good measure.  Quite stylish I thought.  LOL

Here it is modeled by my 12 y/o niece.  Thanks Jam for all your help this weekend, especially entertaining Ellie Mae.  She is going to miss you.  (So am I!!!!)

PS.  I've already had an order from a friend that is a shearer, except I don't think I'll make his in white.


  1. Surprisingly that looks quite good - not sure what it would do for you figurewise, guess you could call it the new bustle?

  2. I think it's a fabulous invention Julie. I think any female would want one; just think one that coordinates with your pjs and your robe and .....

  3. What a great idea! Food for thought around here... Good for you! 8-)
    Happy stitchings!

  4. Fantastic idea.....and it looks great to boot. When are they on the market?

  5. Well, there you go.... great feedback. I on the other hand havent got any orders but no-one has seen me yet. I have worn it so much that one of my greeny things have fallen off and I cant find it. Your pages look fantastic. What I busy girl you have been. You are giving someone else a run for their money!! (not you Kerry) You have wonderful pieces, I love the stiching for the angel project.... me