Sunday, September 21, 2008

More celebrations.

Well.......we have had a busy weekend.  My husband's family came yesterday to celebrate Ellie Mae's birthday.  She had another lovely party.  Once again I sub-contracted out the cake making.  My oven isn't nice to cakes.  It does a great roast meat, scones and slices but cakes just flop.  A 78 year old neighbour made these sponges for the occasion.  


  1. Well, ya can't be great at everything! Cooking, stitching, quilting, something has to give, and in your case, Cakes... like me...
    From my eldest child's 3rd birthday I have used packaged cake mixes. I learned that early enough... You can't go wrong with them, and the family appreciates them more than any cake I come up with!!! 8-)

  2. Happy birthday to your gorgeous little one. She's such a cutie.