Monday, September 8, 2008

Farm quilt for kids.

I just got this newspaper clipping in the mail from Mum.  Shes the one on the left.  One of her patchwork groups (she has several) finished an incomplete quilt left by a lady in their group that passed away.  She was a teacher so they donated it to a local special school to raffle but the school liked it so much they kept it to hang in the school for the kids.  

The school invited the ladies of the group back to see it hung and have a thankyou morning tea.  While they were there they had a look around, the kids all have a rest during the day and the school had a huge number of very dilapidated blankets and quilts that they use for nap time.  You can imagine what all nine of the ladies are all up to now.........  I'll get Mum to send me some photos of the quilts they are making now for the kid's nap time.  


  1. What a wonderful story. Looking forward to seeing more pics of your Mum's quilts. What kind of school is it?

  2. How wonderful for your mom's group to complete the quilt, and then donate it! What a wonderful quilt! A child could spend quite a bit of time looking at it and daydream about the farm... 8-)