Thursday, August 28, 2008

The shop today.

The first display as Provincial Patch.  A one hour expo. in town today of local small businesses as part of the Small Towns Convention being run in our town over the last two days.  It wasn't a particularly crafty crowd so there weren't a lot of sales but there was a lot of interest in the Provincial Patch web store, a lot of people took cards and info. to give to the patchworkers in their families.   There was a lot of interest in finished quilts too.  It was interesting to see which quilts appeal to people that don't quilt.  It has surprised us how many people want to buy finished quilts.  

Provincial Patch will be selling Anne Gadsby designs.  The first delivery of Anne's patterns arrived this morning which was exciting.  I need to get cracking and make a few up for display.  The fairies I have been working on in previous posts are from one of her designs.   Anne's designs have a lot of lovely fairies, flowers and hearts, they are just gorgeous.  More on Anne in another post.  

Kashmir II fat quarters (which I would love to keep for myself).  


  1. This is looking really good... and congratulations once again...:o)

  2. The pics are great! Keep up the good work! So excited for you 2. QGB

  3. The more I try to get motivated to make Peanut a quilt (my first, possibly last..)the more in awe I am of people like yourself who just seem to knock'em out one after the other! I am so excited for your business with Kerri, I hope you picked up some orders at the expo !

  4. Julie your display looks fantastic...congratulations to you both do such beautiful work...(I am green with envy, you are living your dream....)