Wednesday, August 6, 2008

On my desk - nothing!!!

Not much on the desk as today has seen a general sort out, clean up, file away, toss out of everything on the desks.......we have a couple here.  In my flurry I created a fantastic new toy, hours of fun.  All my paper for recycling I have put into this box.  Ellie Mae climbs in and it takes her about half an hour to pull everything out, I put it all back in and she does it again.......and again........ and again.......


  1. The best toys are the home-made ones, right?? Glad DD had a good time with the box and papers! cheers QGB

  2. Thanks for the comment (but it aint an option!!)
    Well done on the 5 the Chirch, i have always wanted to buy an old one...but farmers never have spare cash for idle whims!
    A fellow Paul kelly fan, huh, what's your favourite?tracey

  3. Yep, my kids loved the chrissy wrapping to play with tooo and the saucepans, lids and potatoes. Such easy fun. I was married in an old church at Old Noarlunga SA, it is heritage listed and will never be pulled down.