Monday, August 18, 2008

Back to some stitching.

I have finally got back to some stitching after a week of not doing any.  I found some lace for another of my "Girls Day Out" blocks.

I have also started stitching some fairies for a small quilt.  There are six different ones.  I am using a varigated thread so it is quite quick to do not having to stop and start with different colours all the time.

I've also been snipping the edges on the green froggy quilt.  Its takes for-ever.  My hand gets sore so I just do a bit here and there.  Patrick is getting impatient waiting.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Julie, I just love the garden arch that was installed in your garden recently. I also love seeing pics of your stitching projects. More of those please! Do you have those special scissors that make cutting the fringe on the rag-time (shaggy to you) quilt easier? They're spring loaded and have cushioned handles. If you want more info send me an email. cheers from a hot spot (30C) in Canada, QGB