Monday, July 28, 2008

Our Winter garden.

I've been able to spend some time in the garden this week.  There is always something to do.  Some of the weeds are totally out of control.  It still looks nice.  It was freezing today but the sun managed to poke through briefly.  These are our big shady trees.  They have suffered a bit over the last few years without the water they are used to.  We now have a bore so hopefully they will be OK from now on.

The big shady backyard tree.  You can imagine the piles of Autumn leaves we get.

I love my birdhouse.  (So do the spiders.)  I do occasionally get swallows in there.

This was a paddock not that long ago.  This is taken looking into the circular (picking) garden which then goes on to the orchard.  We have lots of Daffodils and Johnquils coming up.  Most of the shrubs are cuttings I grew.  We have roses, lavender, rosemary, budlia, daisys and wormwood.  All pretty good for prolonged periods without water.  I'll post some more pics when everything flowers.  I was sad to see Peter Cundall leave the ABC gardening show this week.  I liked the way he gardened and explained things.  I'm sure there will be re-runs.


  1. Your garden looks beautiful, clearly you have a bright green thumb :) I would love to have johnquills throughout my garden, they are possibly my most favourite flower.

  2. I love my garden but it has been pretty neglected lately........still have a lot of umbrella grass to pull out of the garden........look forward to seeing your flowering garden.......