Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Motherly advice required.

I don't want to go near my Mother's group in case Ellie-Mae is still unwell so I thought I would try the blog-land Mums for some advice.  The medical profession are not offering very consistent information to my problem.

Ellie-Mae, my little ten month old has not eaten for over three days.  Has this happened to anyone else?  She was in hospital Sunday night with a nasty tummy bug.  I won't give you too many gory details of that experience.

I have three conflicting medical opinions, ranging from "visit a doctor if they haven't eaten for 24 hours" to "she can go without food for a week before I need to see a doctor".  She is drinking water and breast feeding (aren't I going to lose weight!!!).  She won't even look at food, even an empty spoon will make her turn away.  She pretty happy in herself, just a bit skinnier than usual. 

Being stuck at home and being a wet day has meant some serious stitching has been accomplished today which is good.


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  2. I would say that she should be fine if she is breastfeeding and drinking water, as dehydration usually seems to be the most important factor :: but as I say to my girlfriends, you are the one that knows your baby best, if you think that she isn't right then go to the doctor, even if it just gives you peace-of-mind then you have done the right thing... Hope that helps, hang in there :)

  3. Ooo it's a long time since I've had "little" problems. I would think if she was drinking and breast feeding that this would be fine. As long as she isn't bringing anything back up. I used to try custard for my kids when they wouldn't eat anything else. So hard when you get different advise. Hope she gets well soon.

  4. Been a long time for me also, but I recall my oldest, when she was three, she was ill for a whole week and not keeping much down. She didn't eat much at all, but was told that as long as she is drinking not to worry unless it goes on further than a week...
    Your daughter, 10 months old, I would think that as long as the fluids are going in is fine for up to a week, then I'd see the doc again...
    Take care...

  5. You know your little one the best; trust your gut feeling. If she's drinking and keeping it down that's good. If not, she could get dehydrated quickly. You should start to see some improvement soon. If not, go back to the doctor. Does she have a regular doctor that knows her (and you and hubby)?? Also keep in mind kids can bounce back really fast. They are resilient! Hope she gets better really soon and that you and your hubby don't get sick! Take care, QGB