Saturday, July 19, 2008

Making quick work of the tim tams

I'm putting the lace on to one of my Girls Day Out Quilt blocks.  This quilt has been in a box for several months, I've decided I need to have another go at it.  I am tackling it with renewed enthusiasm.  (While eating Tim Tams.) Ooops.


  1. Oh yes! I'm all snuggly warm in here but it's very noisy and I can't hear the dvd very well. All this sewing is killing my back so I may be off to bed soon.

  2. Oh I adore your block; can't wait to see it finished. Have you got a lot of work to do to finish the whole project?? Tim tams? What are those? We don't have those in Canada but we do have Cadbury chocolate :^) How was the wine? Couldn't tell what type it is...white, red or rose? QGB

  3. Julie that looks fantastic, I also have this to do and to start....