Saturday, July 12, 2008

Going green.

We cut out Patrick's shaggy quilt today.  His choice of fabric and design.  We are still deciding on fabric for the back.  No prizes for guessing his favourite colour!  

Pooor kid, he has been feeling green too.  Nice end to the holidays for me, washing sheets and  towels and buying the supermarket out of pine-o-clean and napisan, if you get my drift?

This is a close up of the frog fabric he fell in love with.  I'm not sure where I stand in the finish five by the end of July challenge, so far I have managed to finish two and start two so I'm really no closer to shrinking my UFO pile am I?

Also going with green theme this weekend.  We started our tree planting.  We nearly have the first row done.  We are planting a mixture of natives.  Pink flowering Eucalyptus, Wattles, Snow in Summer, Red Bottle Brush, Lemon Scented Gums and Red Gums.  We have planted them pretty close together.  It will be interesting to watch them grow.  Only a couple of hundred more to go........we will do the other side of the farm later this year.

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